Eldorado Atlas

Rut Blees Luxemburg’s new work Eldorado Atlas focuses tightly on her local neighborhood in London, a scene of intense transformation and evolving interests. On one side is the principle of ATLAS, amplified in one of many new towering developments in the vicinity of the ‘digital roundabout’ of Old Street. On the other side is the re-emergence of nature, manifest in city allotments and captured in an urban vine, growing on the wall of a local corner shop in the shadow

of a satellite dish, flourishing, despite horticultural indifference.

Eldorado Atlas, is an emerging work towards a phantasmagorical image of what is at stake in the future city.   

Eldorado Atlas at 4COSE, London, 2017

Icarus Project, 2016

Shutters, 2016

Anticipation, 2017

Urban Harvest (Winter), 2016

Urban Harvest (Summer), 2017

Eldorado Atlas at 4COSE, London, 2017

Eldorado Atlas at Gallerie Dominique Fiat, Paris, 2018